Restaurant Crockery

Wholesale Restaurant Crockery is available to buy on line from Chef & Bar Supplies. All crockery offered here is of a high commercial standard. Every range is toughened or vitrified to some level starting from an entry level offer through to fine china. Many brands offer a chip resistant guarantee and ALL ranges are commercial dishwasher safe. 

A wide range of Churchill Super Vitrified Crockery (or Hotelware) with 5 year edge chip warranty is available.

Churchill Profile Crockery plates and rimmed bowls are all streamlined which makes them up to 20% lighter than standard Classic plates. They are easy to handle and great for food presentation with no compromise on performance. Churchill Super Vitrified body is one of the strongest professional crockery products in the world. It delivers solutions for chefs that work in a fast moving, professionally disciplined, back of house environment. It is also available with Vintage Print Designs, and the Profile Bamboo textured body designs

Churchill Alchemy Fine China for fine, top-end dining has a fantastic product range in Alchemy AmbienceAlchemy AtlanticAlchemy BalanceAlchemy Energy and the fantastic Buffet and display ranges Alchemy Moonstone which includes some unique high quality melaming pieces and Alchemy Buffet which will answer so many banqueting display and service issues for you. This range is particularly popular for hotel breakfast service.

Churchill Art de Cuisine is part of the extensive porcelain portfolio of Churchill products. It focuses on meeting the latest culinary and fashion trends at a fantastic price point. Products ranges reflect modern trends including European design, cafe and bistro settings, to a contemporary, rustic ambience. Materials used include wood, porcelain and stoneware.

Crockery for care homes is a specialised range to assist and support the elderly and infirm to enjoy food and beverages with dignity and style. Double cup handles available and couped plate rims to help make handling and service so much easier.

Genware Crockery porcelain gives great value and presentation as well as a 5 year Edge Chip Warranty on many items. Oven-to-tableware will give you everything from Ramekins to roasting dishes and eared service dishes.

Genware Rustic Terra Stoneware has seven unique variations of stylish stoneware in Black, Green, Blue, White, Brown, Red and the Oven to Tableware range. Stoneware is as tuff and chip resistance as porcelain. The ranges consist of Round and Oval Plates, Bowls, dishes, service cups and service minatures including ramekins. 

Samples can be supplied to assist you in making the correct choices for your business.