Beverage Service

Beverage service products are available to buy-on-line from Chef & Bar Supplies just part of the extensive Food & Beverage Service product offer. 

Vacuum Jugs & Pump Pots are excellent for meetings rooms or for any circumstance that requires hot or cold drinks to remain fresh for long periods. Pump pots can give you the convenience of enabling drinks service with minimal staff involvement. Drinks can be made when convenient for your business and consumed when the customer is ready. No wasted time, effort or ingredients.

Drink Pod mini vacuum flasks give an opportunity to offer fresh milk for your guests room beverages. High quality mini flasks that will keep milk cold and fresh.

Coffee Pots and Cafetiers can help provide a first class product and presentation when the need arises. Pyrex liners are tough and durable.

Economy Stainless Steel Tea Pots and Coffee Pots allow a traditional highly polished presentation for beverage service on a budget and Premium Stainless Steel Tea Pots and Coffee Pots showes a top quality range of pots with insilated handles, non-drip spouts and high quality appearance for top quality presentation.

Glass Tea & Coffee Cups & Mugs for specialised Tea & Coffee service show great options to make your beverage offer special and unique.

Other Beverage Products brings all the loose ends together with Sachet holders, replacement brewer pots and Barista accessories such as coffee stencils for that professional touch.