Cookware & Bakeware

Cookware & Bakeware is available to buy on line from Chef & Bar Supplies as part of the extensive Chef & Kitchen product offer.

Non-Stick Bakeware includes cake tins, muffin trays, brownie pans, loaf tins and all manor of professional quanlity bakeware.

Aluminium Baking and Roasting Tins are manufactured from high quanity aluminium up to 2mm in thickness to reduce twisting in use. It is hardwearing and cost effective.

Baking Accessories introduces a whole range of items that are essential for a professional kitchen such as rolling pins, flour shakers, flour scoops, pastry brushes and many other essential items of detail.

Kitchen Kraft Utensils gives all of those special items that assist you with bringing professional flair to your finished products. Such as cream whippers, apple corers, butter scoops and many other indispensible items necessary for professional cooks and chefs.