Churchill Art de Cuisine Porcelain

Churchill Art de Cuisine® Porcelain and Stoneware is available to buy on line from Chef & Bar Supplies as part of the extensive Restaurant Crockery product offer. 

Art de Cuisine is part of the extensive Churchill Crockery portfolio of products. It focuses on meeting the latest culinary and fashion trends. Products ranges can reflect trends including European design, cafe and bistro settings, to a contemporary, rustic ambience. Products range from wood, porcelain, stoneware to fine bone china.

Art de Cuisine Menu Porcelain

This is a thorough and stylish range of cook & serve porcelain for the catering professional and suites all styles of cuisines. Starters, mains and desserts in pans and casserole dishes or tasty sauces and dips in mini saucepans and ramekins. This incredibly versatile range has the added benefit of allowing oven cooked food to be served straight to the table.

Art de Cuisine Rustics

Rustics Simmer is an exciting stoneware range that will enable you to introduce colour and unique presentation to areas of your menu. Rustics Simmer Brown, Rustics Simmers Black, Rustic Simmers Terracotta and Rustics Coloured Stoneware will give you options to vary your menu presentation cost effectively and with real style.

Art de Cuisinelogo