Churchill Art de Cuisine MENU

Churchill Art de Cuisine® Menu Crockery is available to buy on line from Chef & Bar Supplies as part of the extensive Restaurant Crockery product offer. 

A fantastic and original vitrified crockery range for modern contemporary food presentation and service. Stylish, cost effective and hard wearing.

Porcelain Body: Aesthetic appeal, brilliant white, refined and lightweight. On average 20% lighter than key competitors. Durability & Strength: A hint of a rolled edge for excellent durability and chip resistance. Glaze Finish: Resistant to metal-marking.

Menu Plates: Lightweight, broad and mid rim plates in rounds and ovals and clean cut coupe plates for maximum food service area. They give a great choice of service style which can be mixed and matched to suite your menu.

Menu Bowls: Mid or broad rimmed edges give a great choice of style for traditional service. Whilst, slanted bowls and flared bowls can give you service options you haven't even considered.

Menu Squares & Rectangles Plates: in a range of plates, bowls and serving platters extend this range to new area's of menu presentation. Sharing platters and signature dish plates and bowls are here.

Menu Beverage Service: gives options for drinks and condiment service that will enhance the overall presentation with a modern yet comfortable feel.

Menu Cookware: gives options for oven-to-tableware products including ramekins, pans and casserole dishes and lids that will really add a snap to your table presentation.

Menu Miniatures: is a really quirky range of additional service items that can really make the difference to your menu presentation. Spoons, trays and bowls in both white and black finish to give great impact to your food.

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