Chef & Kitchen

Products for the Chef & Kitchen are available to buy on line from Chef & Bar Supplies. Everything a professional Chef and Kitchen will need to run a commercial kitchen both safely and efficiently.

Kitchen Cleaning is the most important part of a busy catering environment. Daily cleaning schedules can be made so much easier with professional dilution concentrate systems which can also be a massive money saver. Professional Divermite wall dispenser systems for large professional kitchens or the SmartDose concentrate mini bottles for smaller sites. Both of these will give great cost in use savings. Washing-up Liquid & Pre-soak gives options that suit every budget for washing up and destaining crockery & cutlery. Cleaning & Sanitizing Products assure you of top level hygiene in the kitchen and Kitchen Degreaser & Oven Cleaning gives great options for the toughest jobs. Dishwasher Chemicals shows detergents and rinseaid at every price level and Appliance Descaler for keeping appliances in top condition for longer life.

Paper Wiper Rolls & Handtowels for busy catering areas save time and money and are a more hygienic way to clear spills. Centrefeed rolls are by far the best selling product here. Hand soap and sanitizers and protective gloves give flexible options to ensure high level personal hygiene at all times. Cloths & scourers and sacks & bins, including compostable food sacks approved for SITA collection & disposal, offer all of the sundry items necessary for a fully functioning, top level hygienic cooking and food service environment.

Clingfilm, foil & parchment  cutterboxes and the Wrapmaster Film & Foil system are essential products for the professional kitchen. 

Food labelling is a useful way to ensure ingredients remain at their best and various options are available to suit your system as required. New Statutory Food Labelling Legislation mean that allergen labelling is now a statutory requirement for all food outlets and that is also covered in the Food Labelling section. 

Chefs clothing offers trousers & jackets with coolback jacket options if required , shoes & aprons and hats & kneckerchiefs complete the range.

Chefs are renowned for their passion for sharp chef knives and the MK product offer includes Genware chefs knifes which are a great value entry level knife set, coloured coded knives for maximum hygiene requirements & Giesser Pro Knives for exceptional quality & long life. A great selection of Squeeze & sauce bottles are also offered including the new mini squeeze bottles to use for service. 

Kitchen chopping boards are a vital part of kitchen equipment and should be renewed regularly. Coloured boards for top level hygiene and thicker heavy duty boards are available separately or as a set.

Frypans category give options of black iron, non-stick, aluminium or stainless steel construction. Saucepans and Pots offers a fantastic range of saucepans, stewpots, stockpots and casserole pots in both aluminium & stainless steel.

Pastry & Baking products are extensive and growing with a massive range of baking sheets, baking trays, muffin trays, cake tins, bakewell pans, roasting dishes, baking mats, cooling racks and much more. Our new Pizza Cookware offer shows all essential pizza making utensils including pans, grippers, pizza peel, cutters and racks.

Gastronorm Pans & Lids offer all sizes and depths of pans in a stainless steel or polycarbonate option.

Food Storage Boxes and Trays are here for the safe and organised storage of food and ingredients.  They are available in a full range of Gastronorm and standard sizes.

A massive range of Kitchen Utensils is offered including whisks, spoons & ladles, colanders & sieves, mixing and swedish bowls, weighing scales, graduated jugs & buckets and many other kitchen utensils.

Racking and service trolleys can give real additional help in a busy kitchen as do our ever growing range of food storage containers.

Professional thermometers, probes & timers for accurate cooking and service are offered and our best selling items are the multi-function thermometer, Gourmet Thermometer with folding probe and colour options and the Infra-Red Ray Temp 3 which makes freezer deliveries so much easier.

Our extensive range of First Aid Kits offer standard kits for up to 50, Burns kits, Eye Wash kits, Body Fluid Spillage kits, Fire Blanket and refill options for many of the kits.