COVID-19 Products

COVID-19 Products are available to buy online from Chef & Bar Supplies. Products for sanitization of high touch areas that can also be used for food prep areas. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and manual dispensers for sanitizers and soaps. Hand sanitizer gel in personal issue 60ml pocket bottles, ready-to-use 500ml pump bottles or 5 Litre bulk buy to pour into wall dispensers. Wiper rolls and handtowels for extra hygiene and to assist cleaning sensitive areas. 

We also offer barrier posts for queue control and to assist closed off areas and many other useful items that cannot only be used throughout the pandemic, but can also be adapted for normal product use and customer service when the situation returns to a more normal working process.

Chef & Bar Supplies want to help your bsuiness, staff and customers stay safe. But we are mindful that products you purchase should be adaptable and reusable wherever possible to keep costs realistic.

Please call on 01634-281128 for any further help or assistance with any COVID-19 or business issue.